MR.John Layer

When Dana Huff was just six years old, she taught her first class.

Her students seated in front of her, she found she relished the feeling of helping others learn. Granted, her students were stuffed animals at the time and her class was in her home, but Huff discovered her love of teaching early in life.

That little girl grew up to become an accomplished English teacher in Georgia at the Weber School, where she now teaches 10th grade.

“I decided to teach English because I had an excellent junior and senior English teacher who just made me love the subject,” Huff relates. “I had always liked reading and writing, and yet still had not managed to like English class until I had this teacher.”

Huff decided then that she would become a teacher herself one day, and help her students to not only become both better readers and writers, but also to fall in love with the subject. Huff followed through with her passion, enrolling in a teacher preparation program at the University of Georgia after graduating high school.